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    Ring in the new year with some new suggestions for your marketing efforts. We've compiled a summary of five top marketing ideas to keep fresh.

    creative marketing
     Get more social. At this point most of us have a Twitter account or even a YouTube channel, but they are you leveraging your social networking efforts or simply putting noise out in to the world? Make sure you are reaching your followers and continuing to find a new audience. In case you are speaking at a conference, place your social handles in your slide show. List them on your business cards, and your other face-to-face marketing opportunities, like sticky screen cleaner gifts.

     Get offline. Needless to say you have to be online, but have you investigated how to market your brand about the streets? Try flyers at local cafes, sidewalk chalk ads, murals on buildings, or sponsoring events in your area or services, like urban bike rentals.

     Try a tournament. Use your social media marketing accounts to keep a relevant video or picture contest. It costs you nothing (with the exception of the free product or services you provide away), bumps your social media interaction, and let's your fun side show.

     Host a webinar. You're a specialist in something, right? Flaunt that knowledge. Host a webinar or at the very least create a slide show and start sharing your knowledge with your client base. They'll appreciate it and start wanting more.

     Make it a game title. All of us love games. It is just in our nature. How can you use gamification to your services or products to get more engagement? Are you experiencing an app? Do you have a customer loyalty program? Starbucks uses among the simplest gamifactions to give customers loyalty stars that soon add up to free drinks. It does not need to be complicated. It simply must be fun!

    Creativity may be the name from the game here. Should you something which not only sticks out inside your target market's mind, but refreshes them a fresh approach, they are going to remember your brand forever. The only distinction between individuals who stick to the trends and people that push the trends forward is creativity. If you take serious amounts of really dissect the marketplace lives, what they want, what their pain points are, and where they spend time, you'll be able to creatively engage your base.

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